About the National Business College

Three decades ago three professionals joined forces to launch the National Business College.  This involved pooling their skills of finance, sales and teaching.  Over 30 years on NBC is a successful provider of vocational training, well respected in the West and South Yorkshire regions.

Whereas other providers have been taken over by large multi-national companies NBC remains in the capable hands of the three founders with Christine Hoyland managing the centre supported by Jenny and Andrew Stringer.  Christine leads an experienced and well qualified team of recruiters, tutors, assessors and administrators to ensure the quality of training is maintained.  Most recent Ofsted inspection in March 2016 graded overall good provision with achievement rates well above the national average, currently standing at 86% success.

NBC is small enough to care and give a personal service to its learners, but large enough to ensure the service is of the highest quality.

National Business College Limited
1 Greenhead Road
West Yorkshire

Telephone 01484 430433

Email Applications – recruitment@nationalbusinesscollege.co.uk
General Emails – office@nationalbusinesscollege.co.uk

National Business College has been trading for over 35 years and has excellent relationships with learners and employers. It is anticipated that in the majority of cases issues will be resolved with the relevant member of staff.



Stage 1

  • Complainants are encouraged to raise concerns with the relevant member of staff who should be able to resolve any queries.
  •  If the complainant is not happy with the outcome then they should move to stage 2.
  • The member of staff highlights the discussion to the centre manager and the complaint is logged. If the issue is considered to be of a serious nature, the complainant will be asked to put it into writing for the centre manager, Keely Carleton.

Stage 2

  • Once a complaint has been received in writing the Manager will acknowledge the complaint within 5 days detailing that an investigation will be carried out.
  •  The Centre Manager will investigate thoroughly and may speak to the complainant and relevant members of staff whilst maintaining confidentiality.
  • A formal response will be provided within 10 working days. If this is not possible, the complainant will be kept informed of progress
  • When the investigation is completed, the complainant will be provided with written notification of the outcome and the appeals process.

Stage 3

  •  If a complaint has not been satisfactorily resolved at Stage 2 then an appeal may be lodged in writing to the Directors Jenny and Andrew Stringer but this must be done within 10 days of receiving the outcome letter in Stage 2.
  • If The Directors are happy that the matter has been dealt with correctly and satisfied with the outcome in stage 2 then a final letter will be issued closing the matter.
  • Following this the complainant would have the right to complain externally to The ESFA, relevant awarding body or End Point Assessment organisation.


  • Complaints may be received verbally or in writing. In all cases, when a manager receives a complaint, a written record will be made, supported by accompanying documentation.
  • Should an individual require assistance in formulating or writing their complaint, assistance will be provided by someone not directly connected to the case.

Monitoring and reviewing

  • Staff who received the complaint must ensure it is documented and logged.
  • The Centre Manager will monitor each complaint to completion and for issues of discrimination.
  • Where such issues are identified, the complaint record will be up-dated and discussed with The Directors.
  • The complaints log will regularly be reviewed by the senior management team.