At NBC we hear of many of our apprentices who have gone onto great achievements and climbed to the top of their chosen career.  One such success story comes from Leigh Tidswell:

At 16 Leigh left school knowing that he wanted to be a teacher, a primary school teacher to be precise. It was something he had always dreamed of achieving.  He had GCSE’s at B and C, so although not a particular high flyer, he was determined to live his dream.  He was accepted by Huddersfield New College but soon realised it was not for him and left after one term, much to the disappointment of his parents.

Leigh decided to join the Navy, more to prove to his parents that he was not a total loser.  Then there was a life changing moment when, stuck in traffic, he looked out and saw  flyer in NBC window offering an apprenticeship as a route to University.  Leigh enrolled and started in a work placement at a Solicitors, he told NBC about his dream to be a teacher and was found a placement in a local school.  He worked in the office and the classroom and felt he had found his vocation.  In 2001 he gained his L3 framework, he was accepted by the University of Hull, Scarborough Campus.  He graduated in 2004 with a BA Honours in Professional Studies in Primary Education with an ICT specialism and Qualified Teach Status.

From then on there was no stopping Leigh as he climbed to the top of the ladder in his chosen career, he became acting deputy, permanent deputy then acting head and achieved the position of permanent head teacher at the age of 28, the youngest in the country.

Leigh says it is strange to think that had he not seen the flyer in the window at NBC he would have continued on his alternative route and go into the Royal Navy, and who knows where he would be now.  However, as a result of the flyer he has had the most amazing journey through university and 11 years in a profession that he loves and is passionate about.

NBC are proud to have played a small part in getting Leigh’s career on track and celebrate this along with all the other success stories from apprentices throughout the region.