Apprenticeship Diary – 3 Months in by Siva Greier

Apprenticeship Diary: 3 Months in by Siva Greier

Published on April 29, 2022 by PL Projects Ltd

Siva Greier – Business Administrator at PL Projects Ltd

I am currently undertaking my Level 3 Business Administrator Apprenticeship, while working at PL Projects as an Administration Assistant. I sit within the operations team, working with the Business Development Manager and Marketing Assistant. My role consists of being responsible for a number of admin tasks like: emailing stakeholders, scheduling meetings, answering phone calls to our office, taking meeting notes, onboarding new employees, organising important documents into the SharePoint system, creating templates on MS Excel or Word and support all internal staff with any additional admin requirements.

What Is The Level 3 Business Administrator Apprenticeship?

My apprenticeship covers a wide range of business topics. Over my 15-month apprenticeship, I will be learning different skills that I can use in my job and improve my knowledge about the organisation.

I have been with the business for almost 3 months and have learned so much already.

I have recently learned about PL Projects’ customers and competitors by performing a SWOT and PESTLE Analysis.

I have taken the Project Fundamentals Qualification which gave me a brief introduction in project management; it has helped me understand project management terminology through definitions and examples, taught me the project lifecycle and the stakeholder’s purpose, and has given me a better understanding of the roles within the business and how our consultants help our clients. I really enjoyed undertaking the PFQ as it has made me feel more part of the PLP team.

I have received on the job training from the marketing and operations department heads on how to improve my administration skills. By learning while working, I am able to use the skills I am learning about in my apprenticeship in work! I have been given great feedback so far and happy to continue to improve my knowledge.

How Are You Finding It?

When I first started my apprenticeship, I expected to be learning a lot of it on my own, however the people at PL Projects and my team have been interested and keen to help me develop in my skills and knowledge about administration and business. Everyone has been welcoming and supportive This has definitely been a key factor to my experience so far and has allowed me to settle in well.

Why Would You Recommend Doing An Apprenticeship?

  • The qualifications and skills you get by undertaking an apprenticeship.

When doing an apprenticeship, you come out of it with a qualification as well as on-the-job practical experience. This is great opportunity for people who want to build their skillset, while gaining a qualification.

  • You can earn whilst learning!

An apprenticeship allows you to earn a wage whilst you train. This means it is great for anyone at any stage of their life and doesn’t leave you with the debt of obtaining a qualification! It offers a great opportunity whilst building your skillset.

  • The support from the business and tutors is amazing.

By being part of a business, you find a network of people who support and push you to do your best. As well as this, your college tutors are always there to help you improve in practical, theoretical and personal skills. Being an apprentice is great because you are encouraged to learn more

Apprenticeships come in all shapes and sizes and most industries offer them!

May 4, 2022
Keely Carleton