Why Should I Employ An Apprentice?

Apprenticeships can offer a number of benefits to an organisation and its employees. From training new staff members to equipping existing staff with the knowledge, skills and behaviours they need to progress and take on more responsibilities. This can have a direct impact on the bottom line for a company as a result of increased productivity and growth.

Apprenticeships offer a framework for development of staff of all ages and capabilities. Offering an apprenticeship opportunity within your business is a great way to develop individuals whilst developing your organisation.

NBC will work in partnership with you and your apprentice to deliver a tailored learning approach. We have an online portfolio that you are able to access and you will be fully involved in the training we provide and will take part in regular review meetings.

An apprentice will be employed by your business and will require a contract of employment. An apprentice is entitled to comprehensive training and 20% of their time must be spent developing their knowledge, skills and behaviours. This learning must take place off the job, be relevant to the apprenticeship standard they are undertaking and be different to the apprentice’s day-to-day tasks. This will be planned and agreed at the start of the apprentices journey.

There are many benefits to your organisation when you choose to employ an Apprentice:

Loyalty and Engagement

Cost Effective


Increased Profits

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    The Benefits of Leadership & Management Apprenticeships

    Many organisations are still under the impression that apprenticeships are only suitable for new members of staff taking on entry-level roles. This couldn’t be further from the truth with apprenticeships starting at foundation level and going all the way to degree level. They offer a framework for the development of staff of all ages and capabilities. Leadership and management apprenticeships for existing staff can benefit an organisation in a number of ways:

    1. Develop your future leaders by giving your existing staff the knowledge and skills they need to succeed. This reduces recruitment costs and ensures that you retain current staff making them feel valued. The training your staff receive can be aligned to your company’s requirements and strategic plan.

    2. Innovate by introducing new apprentices you will introduce new ideas. It is likely that your systems are established but by making small changes you could improve productivity. During an apprenticeship, learners are encouraged to come up with new ideas of how systems and procedures could be improved.

    3. Lead by example. Managers are responsible for the environment they create, by equipping them with new skills and behaviours they can become leaders of a creative and forward-thinking team.

    4. Retain existing staff. It’s proven that if you invest in your employee’s they are more loyal and less likely to leave your organisation. It can improve the morale of not only the member of staff doing the apprenticeship but the rest of the team. Everyone wants to work in a positive and nurturing environment.

    5. Training tailored to your requirements. From the start, you as an employer will be involved in the design and structure of the training. The training will be relevant and will allow the apprentice to develop their skills in the areas most needed by your business.

    6. Profit Increase your earnings and reduce costs by developing your existing team. Recruiting for new managers is costly and they will still need training in the ways of your business. Grow your own managers of the future!

    At the moment management apprenticeships can be funded through the levy for levy paying employers. For non-levy employers, and are currently 95% funded.
    Can you afford not to invest in your staff and ultimately in the development and success of your business?