Good News Roundup – Huddersfield Hub



Huddersfield-based independent training provider, National Business College, is celebrating its recently published achievement rates for the academic year 2022/23.

National Business College (NBC), based in Greenhead Road, had an achievement rate of 70.9% compared to the national average of 54.6%.

The latest figures reveal that the achievement rate for their largest delivery area, The Business Administrator level 3 Apprenticeship is 82.4%, that’s 19.1% above the national average of 63.3%.

Operations manager Keely Carleton said: “We will continue to build on the quality of the training and support we provide and are aiming for achievement rates in the region of 75% this academic year.

“I am proud of the trainers and staff at NBC and the support they give our apprentices and employers. The team provides meaningful training enabling our apprentices to become valued members of the local workforce.”

May 21, 2024
Keely Carleton